Our Services



A free initial telephone consultation available to all. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns about your child’s specific speech and language development, as well as to learn more about what we can provide.



Following the initial assessment you may be offered therapy in one of a number of ways:


• Regular weekly therapy appointments

• Fortnightly appointments

• Monthly review appointments

• A home programme of activities with a review session scheduled for a later date


Both review appointment and therapy sessions last approximately 60 minutes

Joint Assessment



We offer joint OT and SLT assessment of children with multiple needs. Both comprehensive formal and informal assessments are conducted in a friendly, therapeutic manner with positive reinforcement throughout. We ensure both children and parents feel comfortable and at ease at all times.


Following assessment we devote the necessary time to discuss the findings alongside the most effective course of action. There is no obligation to attend further joint sessions following this assessment.



At Let's Expand Communication we provide specialist input into schools. We offer full school input which provides advice on how to improve the communication and speech needs of all children within your school. (Both ELKLAN training and bespoke training)


Our targeted intervention can provide either class based treatment (via specific groups for speech, language or social communication needs) or individual therapies for specific children.



At the first appointment the Speech & Language Therapist will carry out a comprehensive assessment which will take approximately an hour depending on the individual needs and age of your child.

Assessments are conducted in a friendly caring therapy space. A sensitive approach is taken with lots of positive reinforcement throughout, ensuring every child / parent feels comfortable and at ease at all times.

We will then devote the necessary time to discuss the findings of the assessment and the most effective course of action.

There is no obligation to attend further speech therapy sessions following the assessment.

These sessions generally last between 60 and 90 minutes.


Our Company Service

Let’s Expand Communication provides parents with direct access to individualised assessment, consistent one-to-one private speech therapy and immediate professional advice.

Treatment is flexible and affordable. It can be provided in our newly opened therapy space, or alternatively in the privacy of your home. Our service covers Northern Ireland including Belfast, Co. Antrim, and Co. Down. although we do travel across Europe to provide assessment and guidance if requested.


Individual Support

Specialist speech and language support for children with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs.


Not only can you place your confidence in the therapy we provide, but both you and your child will grow in confidence having attended therapy with us.


All discussions remain confidential and consent will always be sought prior to any liaison being made with external services.


You will receive therapy targets in a manageable fashion. These will be discussed at length and approved by you.

Modern Therapy Space

We have opened a new, modern, child-friendly, multi-disciplinary therapy space.


We offer constant support for both you and your child throughout the week.

‘what a bright, cheery, colourful therapy space! So many resources to entertain all ages of children’ Alison and Calum (Newtownabbey)

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