Early intervention

Early identification of possible speech and language difficulties and intervention is key to ensuring your child achieves their full communication potential.


Supporting parents

At Let's Expand Communication Ltd we work closely with all our parents enabling them to feel confident about helping their child's speech, language and communication needs. We take a specific targeted approach for each child we have the opportunity to support.


Best Practice

We offer evidence-based practice for a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties including; Autism, Development Language Disorder, Delayed Speech Sounds, Stammering, Selective Mutism and Developmental Delays.

Who We Are

Let’s Expand Communication Ltd is a team of private Speech and Language Therapists, specialising in the highest standard of therapy for pre- school and school aged children throughout Northern Ireland.

Photo of a child hopping in a puddle.

Photo of two children reading a book

What We Do

We specialise in Speech and Language Therapy. With over 30 years experience between the team, we have worked extensively with children of all ages in Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, England and Scotland. We have successfully treated and helped children overcome a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties. We are also keen to support parents and teachers. We want to provide immediate reassurance for families and teaching staff.

Why We Are Unique

We offer a choice of therapy sessions either at home, at school or in specialist therapy space. We adapt to the abilities of your child / children and we always put their needs first.

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More information

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I believe all children should have a means to communicate.